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Cardiology Department

There are the following facilities for non-invasive evaluation of cardiac patients
1. ECG machine
2. Echocardiography machine (Aloka) SSD 4000
3. Treadmill machine (Schillers)
Essential evaluation is carried out by cardiologists on a daily basis

Casualty Department

There is a Casualty Department which is manned 24 hours with a casualty medical officer and paramedical team. Emergencies and trauma of all kinds are attended to his experienced doctors whenever the need arises. Trauma and accident care receives special attention round the clock.

Diagnostic Services

A. Laboratory: There is a well equipped modern laboratory functioning round-the-clock and manned by an efficient staff.
B. C.T.SCAN and X-Ray machine: state-of-aft CT Scan is available for various diagnostic purposes and manned 24 hours for any emergency services and X-Ray services are also available.
C. Ultrasonogram / Echocardiography(ECG): The Aloka system, a modern and state-of-art machine is used to perform ultrasound evaluation and echocardiography, the procedures are done by specialists in the field.
D. TreadMill machine: The latest version of Schillers treadmill machine is available for evaluating the cardiac patients. All tests are only done by the cardiologists.

Intensive Care Unit

There is a well equipped 12-bedded IMCU / ICCU which is manned 24 hours by efficient, well-trained staff and duty doctors. There are state-of-art bedside monitors, ventilators, CPAP machines, defibrillators and other supportive equipments (syringe pumps, nebulizers, central oxygen and central suctioning) for handling all forms of medical and cardiac emergencies.

Nephrology Department

Our Nephrology department is being headed by Dr.M.A.Muthusethupati, MD(G.M)., DM.(Nephro). He is one of the leading Nephrologist in the city. He is assisted by two team of doctors whose name are furnished below:


Dr. M.A. Muthusethupathi, MD(G.M)., DM.(Nephro), Nephrologist.
Dr. P.S. Venkateswaran, MS(G.S)., MCh., (Vascular) Transplant Surgeon.
Dr. R. Radhakrishnan, MS(G.S)., MCh., (Uro) Urologist.
Dr. Pari, MS (G.S) Mch., (Uro). Urologist.
Dr. N. Sekar. MS.( G.S), MCh. (Vascular) Vascular Surgeon.
Dr. Suguna Rajendran MD (G.M), Physician.


Dr. Gomathy Narasimhan, MS(G.S) ASTS Fellowship Transplant Surgeon.
Dr. M. Seral Kannan, MS (G.S)., FRCS., MCh.,(Uro) Transplant Surgeon.
Dr. A Sarita Vinod Dasari, AB (Nephro) Nephrologist.
Dr. Suresh Sankarasubbaiyan, Dip.AB(Nephro) Nephrologist.

Physiotherapy Department

Well qualified and efficient staff are available to man this modern and well equipped physiotherapy centre.


  • Out Patient Services
  • Well Equipped Operation Theatre
  • Casualty Department
  • 24 Hours Dialysis Centre
  • Diagnostic Services
  • 24 Hours Pharmacy
  • Ambulance Services
  • Catering Services
  • Health Check-Up Scheme


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